Any day I get to paint a vulva is a good day and my goal is to portray your vulva in all its beauty and in the most flattering light. The female labia, vulva, vagina, and clitoris is so taboo and misrepresented that the very act of painting it to be proudly (or privately) displayed is to protest the phallic symbols that surround us every day.

I create these paintings using photo references that you send and that I destroy as soon as the painting is completed. I'm happy to discuss other possible processes that you may find comfortable.

5 x 7 inches: $170
8 x 10 inches: $240
11 x 14 inches: $310

**PLEASE NOTE: Trans women are women and all vulvas are welcome here, no matter how they started life.**

Other sizes are available. Shipping cost and tax are in addition to listed prices.